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Sponsor Meals for Destitute Elders

SSGMV Trust has launched ‘Donate Food to Elderly’ as a program to fill the void of hungry people in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Vemulabanda village.

We have food in a surplus quantity. The word ‘surplus’ include so much that on an average food that can be fed to poor can be found from every garbage bin. Its so disturbing fact that people who can donate the same food to poor opt to throw it out in the garbage.

Help Needy Abandoned Elders With Food Donation

Society is divided among two types of people, one who eats enough that they have to work hard to burn it out and then comes the other category who have to work hard to earn enough to buy meals twice a day.

Under Mana Sai Orphanage, we have accommodated more than 50 elderly people for whom we try our best to provide facilities par excellence.

We organise occasionally Annadaanam, ‘Distribution of Meals’ program for the helpless elders at our old age home and sometimes outsiders too.

You can organise Annadaanam program in your area too. Check out our Volunteers page 

Feeding someone can be the best charity work one can do. We’ll organise a meals on your behalf and dedicates it to the name of the donor. Click to make your donation. 

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Note: All donations (domestic and international) to SSGMV trust is completely exempted from tax.